When you don't know what to do next

So many of us stay stuck because we "don't know."

 - We don't know HOW to do it
 - We don't know WHAT to do next
 - We don't know what we SHOULD do

Whatever the flavor, the effect is the same:

"I don't know" keeps us rooted very firmly in place. 

But the thing is... you don't know HOW to do something until....wait for it...YOU ACTUALLY DO IT. 

If you didn't already know this, I'm sorry, friends, to be the one to tell you. But it's true. 

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7 things I've learned as a mom of 2 kids

My daughter's birthday was a few days ago. She is 1!

Her first birthday completes an entire year of being a parent to two kids. 

And I have found that it's true what everyone says. You can't imagine loving another child as much as your first. But somehow you do. It's different. At least for me it has been. I haven't had the same time-stopping fascination with her as I did with my son, when every move, look and sound he made was a reason to throw a parade.

With my daughter, I am much more interested in witnessing who she is becoming.

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Buffering and why you do it

As I write this, today is the first day of school. For BOTH of my kids. 

The house is quiet. I am alone. 

I have zero immediate childcare related tasks that have to happen. 

I have my coaching work prepped and ready to go. I sit down at my desk. I start to feel the familiar feeling. 

Maybe you know it. 

The feeling of an itchy sweater. Of spontaneous hunger. Of restless legs. Of butterflies in your stomach. 

The feeling of knowing that you have to get down to work. And you're going to have to use your brain. And it's going to be hard. And it's going to be uncomfortable. 

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The C Word

How do you feel when you hear the C word?

I'm talking about your capital 'C' Career

Are you excited by it? Do you love getting up in the morning? Do you feel inspired?

Or, are you indifferent to it? Do you think of how much you don't want to go first thing when you wake up? Do you feel stuck?

Maybe you're somewhere in the middle, a combination of conflicting feelings?

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What's the worst-case scenario?

What's the thing that you really, really want? The thing that maybe you've thought of for years. That nags you every day. Maybe it's:

 - Leaving your job
 - A more peaceful home with less yelling
 - Starting your own business
 - A better relationship with your partner

 - A dream vacation

Whatever it is, I want you to picture yourself with that thing already a reality.

Seriously, stop right now for 10 seconds, close your eyes, and really, truly picture it. 

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Do you put off making decisions?

Maybe you're like me. 

I grew up working hard. But working hard on the path that was already carefully paved for me. 

I knew what was expected of me and what I had to do to check all of the boxes. I got good grades. Excelled at sports. Went to a good college. 

I never really questioned it. And I was happy in my lane. 

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