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A non-boring way to figure out what's important to you

I've taken a few weeks off from posting here. I let some unexpected scheduling conflicts throw my calendar into chaos. As a result, I didn't prioritize time to spend on writing.

In the grand scheme of things, it's not the end of the world. But I still felt like I let myself down. I enjoy sharing here. It’s also a commitment I made to myself and didn’t feel good to break that commitment.

It's been an important reminder that the way we design our lives - the goals we set for ourselves, how we spend our time, the items on our to-do list and our calendars - all come back to our values. If your everyday actions are in line with your values, I'm waging there's a good chance you are going to feel happier, more fulfilled, more inspired, than if you're not.

This has been even more important for me to remember as a working mom, when there’s always 1,284,928 things competing for my attention at any given moment. Excuse me for a second while I stop my son from sticking a fork in that outlet...

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