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How our thoughts prevent us from taking action

I was recently working with a client who was struggling with tackling the items on her to-do list.

She kept getting distracted and coming up with excuses. This woman is a go-getter: a full-time working single-mom of two kids who is also back in school to pursue new degree and passion. She knows what she wants and where she wants to go and her to-do list reflects that drive. Despite this, she still found herself procrastinating the very detailed plan-of-action she had laid out for herself.

My guess is you know this feeling. As a working parent, my to-do list is often long and unfinished. And like my client, I end up feeling worse when I procrastinate, or as she said “like the past weeks have been one gigantic waste of time.”

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One BAM Digest #1, July 2018 (Resources, Current Interests, etc)

I've sent what I'm referring to as the One BAM Digest out to my email list a few times. It's a random assortment of things that have caught my eye, articles I'm reading, products I'm using, quotes I'm contemplating, etc. As I said, it's random. 

I'm posting my most recent digest list here (originally sent on 7/11/18), in case it's helpful to have them recorded someplace other than email. 

Hope you enjoy!

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