Like personal training for your brain

It’s good to be back. After a long break that included welcoming our 2nd baby, moving across the country, settling into a new house, new school and new routine, I’m starting to carve out time to coach again.

And being in a new place, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and tell them what I do.

When I tell them I'm a life coach, I get varied responses. Everything from a genuine "OHHH COOL!!! " to a very skeptical "ohhhh, cool??? " 

If you're unfamiliar with life coaching, I wanted to quickly explain what it is and how it can be helpful. 

Working with a life coach is like hiring a personal trainer for your brain. 

The same way a personal trainer pushes you to move your body and strengthen your muscles, a coach pushes you to think differently. 

If you work with a trainer to reach a goal of doing 100 push-ups, they will train your body to be able to do it.

It will take time.

It will be uncomfortable.

But day after day, rep after rep, you'll start to notice something amazing.

You're getting stronger. You'll go from 0 push-ups, to 5, to 10, to 20 and so on. You may not believe on day 1 that you can do 100 push-ups, but as you continue to train, that belief in your 100 push-up goal will grow stronger and inspire you to keep going. To muscle through the next hard day of training because you now know that you are someone who will one day do 100 push-ups. 

A life coach can help you in similar ways by training your brain to do new things. To break free of the automatic thought patterns that you live by unconsciously.

Our brains were designed to protect us and keep us safe. To make us run when being chased by a wild animal. Helpful if you're a caveman trying to stay alive. Not so helpful in 2019 when our lizard brain makes us fear anything new, different, or uncomfortable. 

A coach will help you pull back the curtain on your brain so you become aware of what you're currently thinking and how that translates into how you feel and how you act.

A coach will challenge you to think differently. 

And when you think differently, you feel differently. And when you feel differently, you act differently. And when you act get different results.

A life coach will hold you accountable and support you the entire way. 

Do you have a goal you want to achieve? A change you want to make? A life coach can help you get there faster than if you go it alone. They can help you start taking action, even if it's towards something that you've "failed" at before or can barely admit to yourself because it seems "crazy" or "unrealistic".

A life coach is non-judgmental and unbiased. They are in your corner. They believe you can do it. 

So, does this make you go "COOL!"? I hope so.