What's the worst-case scenario?

What's the thing that you really, really want? The thing that maybe you've thought of for years. That nags you every day. Maybe it's:

 - Leaving your job
 - A more peaceful home with less yelling
 - Starting your own business
 - A better relationship with your partner

 - A dream vacation

Whatever it is, I want you to picture yourself with that thing already a reality.

Seriously, stop right now for 10 seconds, close your eyes, and really, truly picture it. 

How do you feel? What's the impact it's had on your life? How do you carry yourself? What type of parent / spouse / friend are you? Who is the person you have become because you have achieved this goal?

Now ask yourself this: why isn't this already my reality?

Aside from our list of reasons why we don't have what we want, we often times put off taking the first step towards them because we are afraid of what might happen if we do. We picture our worst-case scenario. 

 - I won't get the job
 - I won't be good enough
 - I'll make a fool of myself
 - I'll go into debt
 - I'll be disappointed
 - I'll waste my money / time / energy

My imagined worst-case scenarios kept me from taking meaningful action in my own career for a long time. When I became a mom, that changed.  All of a sudden, I pictured myself in a new way and started to think about new possibilities for my future. These new thoughts made me feel bolder and less afraid of what might go wrong and what other people might think. And because I started to feel differently, I started to take new and different actions.  

Ultimately, you have to make a choice between what you imagine your worst-case scenario might be and your future self. But before you do, I want to suggest another worst-case scenario that is far more tragic than whatever you just thought of. 

The actual worst-case scenario is never becoming the person you would have become had you said yes to yourself. Had you said yes to taking a chance on that thing that maybe seems scary, or irresponsible, or impractical. 

You will never experience the growth of becoming that new person if you stay exactly where you are.

So by not saying yes, what are you actually saying no to?

I want you to think about it.