Maybe it's just a thought

True or False: Everything we think is true. 

The answer may be obvious: FALSE. 

But whether you realize it or not, many of us believe it. We believe our thoughts are TRUE. That they are irrefutable facts.

The vast majority of our thoughts are automatic. They happen by default. They cause us suffering because we don't believe things can be different. 

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Like personal training for your brain

It’s good to be back. After a long break that included welcoming our 2nd baby, moving across the country, settling into a new house, new school and new routine, I’m starting to carve out time coach again.

And being in a new place, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and tell them what I do.

When I tell them I'm a life coach, I get varied responses. Everything from a genuine "OHHH COOL!!! " to a very skeptical "ohhhh, cool??? " 

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New baby, new outlook, and a break

As I sit here writing this, I am T-9 days out from baby #2’s due date. 

I was originally planning on writing about something other than what I get into below. But I've been procrastinating for over a week and it wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized why: I was forcing it, hard. 

This year has been one of major changes for me in several ways. And it hasn’t been until these past few weeks as I’ve started to physically slow down that I’ve actually taken a mental beat to pause and reflect.

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Why we need to feel the hard feelings

I have developed this theory that whatever it is we are currently teaching our kids is also the lesson we need to learn (again).

Case in point: right now we are in the thick of two-year-old tantrums and BIG FEELINGS. If you’ve ever been around a two-year-old, you know that they really FEEL their feelings. They go from joyful and exuberant to stubborn and inconsolable in the blink of an eye. As parents, is our job to help them navigate this big, new, emotional world.

Watching my son as he experiences new emotions has made me realize that we as adults are actually quite terrible at dealing with our own feelings. Many of us have been taught to ignore or suppress our ‘bad’ feelings like sadness, anger and hurt. We’re taught to strive for happiness all of the time.

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Catherine Ferguson