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Becoming a parent can change everything. 

We often find ourselves at a crossroads where we question our priorities and our career, all while buckling under the overwhelming weight of our own perfectionistic expectations.

Let's figure out your next steps. 

I'm Catherine. 

I'm a corporate veteran and mom to a toddler dictator and a soon-to-arrive newborn. 

I'm a coach who works with parents who are ready to undo the patterns that are keeping them stuck and figure out what's next. 

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New mom. Same old job?


Stop wasting your time reading another self-help book or talking your partner’s ear off about finding the ‘right’ job.

Get clarity on your next steps in this new world of working motherhood. 


Your path to being a badass mother starts here...

One Badass Mother is devoted to empowering mothers to discover, create and courageously claim what they really want out of life. 

But before we get to that, let's get something out of the way, shall we?


Being a mom can be one of life's most fulfilling journeys. But is it easy?

It's a hard truth.

The reality of life as a mother nowadays often doesn't live up to our expectations. 

We're trying to work like we don't have kids and parent like we don't have jobs.

(Oh, and did you remember to Facetime grandma?) 

Add the intense responsibility of raising humans to our already packed plates and say hello to new levels of stress, overwhelm and confusion we didn’t know existed.

It's a story so common that we tend to ignore it. 

Women, especially moms, put everyone else first, neglecting what they really need and ignoring how they really feel.

But when the mothership has lost sight of her true-north, the entire fleet can go off course.  


Motherhood looks different for everybody. There is no one ideal. 


What is universally awesome, however, is when women find the courage to move in the direction that is true for them. 

now that you're here, take a look around!

Here you'll find resources and services designed to help women boldly navigate the ups and downs of modern motherhood and life. 


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What does successful working motherhood like like for you?

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So...what can I find here?


Honesty about motherhood and all the stuff that comes with it.

Useful resources, thoughts and services to help you be a courageously badass (authentic, honest, non-apologetic) mother and human. 

Humor - because if you can't laugh at this insanity, well then this shit is gonna be hard.

This is what One BAM stands AGAINST:

Telling people how to mother.

Conforming to one sanitized version of what motherhood is supposed to be like.

Pretending that it's easy (because we all know it's not).

Cool...so you're different from other mom-sites...how?

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